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Nintendo 64 Jungle Green UltraHDMI

Nintendo 64 Jungle Green UltraHDMI



The UltraHDMI is installed directly to the Reality Coprocessor (RCP), capturing the Analog Red Green Blue and then upscaling the image into beautiful 1080p HDMI Output and optionally adding processing like scanlines and crop/fill.

The quality is alot clearer then the standard (yellow) composite and RF connections. It makes playing this system on a new LCD enjoyable and a pleasant experience.


UltraHDMI is designed to connect to modern TVs and monitors. It generates several different resolutions, and like all the other options, can be configured with the on-screen menu.


  • 480p60, 480i60
  • 576p50, 576i50
  • 720p60, 50
  • 1080p60, 50
  • Audio: 48KHz, 16bit PCM
All the settings are configurable with an on-screen menu overlay that can be accessed during a game with a button combo.
Every aspect of operation is fully configurable. Just want to play games? It works fine from the get go. Power users can tweak every setting to their liking and even de-blur the horizontal bluring built into the Nintendo 64s visual interface.
  • Nintendo 64 Jungle Green console with Ultra HDMI Installed with green led (this does not come with jumper pak or expansion)
  • 6ft hdmi mini to Hdmi cord

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